ALL meetings are Wheelchair Accessible and Non-smoking. To print, click the printer icon to the right.

For Tri-State (NV, CA, AZ) meetings, visit River Cities Central Office


Lake Havasu Fellowship Hall  | 75 Capri Lane Ste B | 877-652-9005
W 5:30pm Steps & Traditions ST TR
W 5:30pm Putt’n Sober O D
F 7:00pm Couples in Sobriety (Family Afterwards) OD
Sa 10:00am Four Horsemen M CD

Lake Havasu |  75 Capri Lane | 877-652-9005
Sun Group
Su-Sa 7:00 AM O D
Su-Sa 9:00 O D
Su-Sa Noon Newcomers O D
Su 5:30pm Steps & Traditions T TR
Su W F 7:00pm O D
M 5:30pm Men’s C D M
M 7:00pm Women’s C D W
Tu 8:30 AM Women’s Big Book O BB W
Tu Th F 5:30pm O D
W Noon Steps & Traditions O T TR
W 5:30pm Big Book O BB
Th 9:00am Women’s O T TR W
Th 7:00pm Big Book OD BB
F Noon Big Book CD BB
F-Sa  9:00pm OD
Sa 7:00pm Speaker O D

Havasu Regional Medical Center | 101 Civic Center Ln, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
Su 10:00am O D

Lake Havasu Center Spiritual Living | 2041 Swanson Ave (upstairs)
M 7:00pm Steps & Traditions T TR
Tu 7:00pm Share Group O D

2060 W Acoma
Our House Group
Sa – Su 7:00am O D
Sa – Su 12 Noon O D
Sa - Su 5:00pm OD
W 5:00pm BB
W 7:00pm Women’s Meeting CDW
F 4:30pm Pizza Meeting/5PM Meeting OD
Sa 10:00am Women’s


Parker Grace Assembly Church | 1871 S. Navajo Ave
Working Toward Serenity Group
Su 3:30pm T TR
W 10:00am12x12 T D
Sa 10:00am Men’s Big Book BB

River Church | 9098 Riverside Dr
Up The River without a Paddle Group
M 7:00pm Big Book BB
Th 7:00pm Discussion Stick Meeting O D
F 7:00pm Discussion O D

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Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.